Fine Art Classes Islamabad Rawalpindi

 Fine Art classes Islamabad Rawalpindi

Art Zone is Hera Shakoor‘s own brand with the slogan ‘Lets spread the Colors’. Here she uses her artistic abilities to conduct art sessions, workshops and offers within city ‘fine art classes Islamabad Rawalpindi‘. These classes are exceptional opportunities for students looking to explore new artistic channels. The objective of each class is to help students improve their own artistic understanding and grow as artists. This comprises teaching innovative or different ways of thinking about art, and letting students explore different tools and materials.

Fine Art Classes Islamabad Rawalpindi


Art classes and fine art courses in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

for all levels of experience


We offer fine art classes in Islamabad and Rawalpindi at all levels, from basic to advance. The courses cover a range of media, such as still-life, portraiture, figurative, landscape, composition, decorative art and contemporary art. Students also can gain expertise in different artistic mediums. These mediums include Watercolor, Oil on Canvas, acrylic, Mixed Media, pencil, Palette Knife technique and a lot more…

Hera’s Art Zone offers:


Art Portfolio & Art College Admission Preparation

Fine Art Classes Islamabad Rawalpindi


These classes are advantageous for students to prepare for their A Levels & O Levels Art portfolios, for the entrance test at college or university like NCA and other top institutions, move directly into industry employment, and set up their own design studios or freelance art practice.


Drawing Entry Test Preparation Class for admission in

NCA, Fine Arts, Architecture, Design & more


Fine Art Classes Islamabad Rawalpindi

Drawing | Aptitude | Interview | Portfolio

Fine Art Classes Islamabad Rawalpindi

This session helps students take their expertise to the next level and develop a portfolio not only to fulfill their high school course requirements but also apply for further studies and move straight away into professional practice.

The program will progressively lead you through practical exercises and theoretical lessons followed by a bi-weekly jury sessions. The artist Hera Shakoor herself will help you in preparing your art portfolio. We will provide you an expert advice about application and interview processes. We will prepare you to a level where your final piece of art will represent your individual approach and will set your portfolio above others.


Art Program for Children

Fine Art Classes Islamabad Rawalpindi


Hera’s Art Zone offers Art Program for Children who are 7 – 12 year old.  At her art studio, Hera Shakoor runs After School sessions and short workshops in school holidays (usually Summer Holidays).

Children are mixed into various groups based on age and capability, and the strength of class is kept low to allow one to one coaching.